Mark HaenchenHello and welcome to my website. I have been addicted to computers since the 90's when I picked up my first used Osborne "portable" for $35. Since that time I have had numerous computers, many of them home built.

I enjoy sharing computers with others and have spent countless hours helping others with their computer problems. Teaching new software and troubleshooting desktop and network problems.

In 2006, I left as manager of production control and returned to school to earn my business degree. While business was my major, the computer clases were the most enjoyable. My classes covered Programming in C, Fireworks, Flash, and HTML (website creation).

Today I am a part-time freelance graphic artist and webmaster. If you are looking for computer graphics, flash videos, or a basic website for your club, business, or organization, contact us. We are here to help. We can also provide powerpoint presentations, DVD videos, and photo editing services.

You will also find me serving as a volunteer with the SC Guardian ad Litem program, and am the Executive Director for Darlington Co. Habitat for Humanity.

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

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